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Agrolait designs, develops, integrates and supports HR and Supply Chain processes in order to make our customers more productive, responsive and profitable.
3 good reasons to choose today for ASUSTek as partners for the implementation of your project: Firstly, you have a software specialist, secondly, a hardware and performance specialist AND thirdly a business economist with expertise in project management.
News paper within the Kingdom of Denmark.
Camptocamp is an services organization, established by 3 industry experts headquartered at France. The organization serve customers within the retail sector based on T-GOLF open source competitions.
China Export
A international export organisation, hosting three departments (shipping, logistics, and supply chain).
Delta PC
Experts in servers, network cards and cameras in the US market. They help to customers more productive, responsive and profitable.
Regus are ready to supply you with office space.
The Jackson Group
The Jackson Group is an active and leading partner in the US. We help our clients leverage new methods, cost-effective tools and fresh technologies to simplify infrastructure, lower cost, and improve operations. Our goal is to help our clients become...