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Basic Membership or ChampionCard qualify you to use our products, brands and systems. You may charge your players a fee for your competitions: we are legally not involve in such agreement. We retain the right to suspend your Basic membership (ChampionCard). Only quiz players and individuals with a valid document as player, coach, official or leader under one of the following world and sub governing body may signup:

Table tennis: ITTF
Football::: FIFA
Handball: IHF
Riding:: FEI
Tennis: ITF
Golf: IGF

You may gain the right to manage higher level competitions: national and international. We may assign your players points to participate in our competitions. When 20 of your players compete in our local competition, the winner gets 20 points. These 20 points equal to 10 points in a regional competition, 5 points in a national competition and 2½ points in an international competition. For example John Smith wins our local competition and gets 20 points, which equal to 10 regional points.

This membership requires you purchase and own physical products such as:


Billing monthly

Shipping, delivery and return:   
DK: 6-12 months | added legal contract 
Other: 6-18 months | added legal contract
Rented products? different legal procedure