Gold Membership

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kr 3,000.00

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Gold membership is for our Master Partner, where this
partner gets their own online shop on our platform,
manages our national B2C platform with
ranking, news etc.

The Master Partner buy at least 5000 units of
respectively T-FOOTBALL, T-GOLF,
T-TENNIS, T-RIDING & large kit.

This Master Partner (Gold membership) equals
to manufacturing/training done by us and
retail/competition by local partner:
long-term agreement.

The total prize structure follows:
Initial prize 4.000.000 DKK
Not seen: $ 625.000.00

Billing monthly 3000 DKK
Seen above: $ 615.00

Duration: 2 year

Shipping, delivery and return:   
DK: 6-12 months | added legal contract 
Other: 6-18 months | added legal contract
Rented products? different legal procedure